Latest News: The Senate passed a law against the Electric Cigarettes.

The Delaware Senate passes a ban on the use of electronic Cigarettes indoors, arguing that it is in the public health of citizens.

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Senate lawmakers on Thursday passed a law that adds electronic cigars to the Delaware Indoor Air Cleanup Act, only vaping stores are excluded from such a ban.

"It's a good day for public health," said Senator Bethany Hall-Long, D-Middletown, sponsor of the bill in the Senate. "This provides another level of protection for the public."

The measure, which was passed with a vote of 13 to 7, with a single abstention, saw several defeated amendments. One of those amendments would have exempted cigar stores from prohibition, and another would have exempted taverns and taverns.

The measure now goes to Gov. Jack Markell, who has said he will sign the bill.