Last News! Finally a scientific study on Electronic Cigarettes and its risks to consumers

Finally a scientific study on the real risk of using electronic cigarettes to stop smoking comes to light at Drexel University.

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CASAA is pleased to announce that the first research study funded by the CASAA Research Fund (thanks to all those who donated to that!) Has been published. The study, conducted by Professor Igor Burstyn, School of Public Health, University of Drexel, is available on the Drexel website, here ( Burstyn has reviewed all of the vapor chemistry emitted in e-cigarettes and liquids and found that reported levels - even in "dangerous" studies - are well below the level of concern.

And that assessment refers to the same vapeador. Exposure to transeurs or "second-hand smokers" is in several orders of magnitude much lower and of no concern whatsoever.

The document is of a technical nature, of course, but I think it does a great job of communicating to readers on many levels. It puts the results in very clear and useful terms - exactly what responsible politicians need to make decisions.

For the first time, we have a definitive study that can be used to respond to claims that the pollutants present in electronic cigarettes are dangerous and there is a risk for transeurs that advocate restrictions on use. Individual studies of existing chemistry have been difficult to understand for anyone who is not an expert (and that is why we gave a grant to an expert to understand them!). Although many advocates made an effort to make sense and use existing literature, it was almost impossible to do so effectively. Burstyn's analysis solves that problem and shows that there is no mourning: All studies, including "bad guys", show that there is no need to worry.