How to Quit Smoking Champix, Chantix or Electronic Cigarettes?

How to stop smoking. Is Champix or Chantix (varenicline) more effective or safe than an electronic cigarette?

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Electronic cigarettes today face a great deal of debate as to whether or not they are considered an effective smoking cessation therapy because of their supposed "risks." Maybe that's why many are looking for other safer, more "medical" or "scientific" alternatives. These include therapies, pills and supplements. One of the most popular is Champix (Â) or as it is best known in the United States, Chantix Â. (Varenicline).
champix o chantix

Varenicline (ChampixÂ, ChantixÂ) belongs to the class of medications called therapies to help quit smoking. Varenicline is intended for use by adults, always in combination with smoking cessation education and counseling.

It is said to work in the brain reducing anxiety and withdrawal symptoms. It also decreases the pleasure that people get from smoking. It is believed that they have these effects, working at the same receptors that nicotine affects cigarettes despite the way in which varenicline works exactly is not clear.

But beware, not always these "miracle" drugs are actually what we see in commercials on TV. And Champix is ​​no exception to the rule.
The following side effects have been reported in at least 1% of people taking this medicine. Many of these side effects can be managed, and some may disappear on their own over time.
IMPORTANT !: Tell your doctor if you experience these side effects that are serious or bothersome. Your pharmacist may be able to advise you on the management of side effects.