Health risks for consumers of electronic cigarettes

Health agencies believe that e-cigs pose a risk to the health of consumers

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Ro Jordan, who works with the Erie County Health Department, recently told Buffalo News that "Little is what young developing minds know, any kind of smoking is an unhealthy way to hang out with friends. Only e-cigs are a health risk, but they are also not cheap. Yes, cheaper than cigarettes, but still a considerable expense. "

The disinformation of so many issues in the vaping makes it more difficult to be accepted by public health agencies. One of the main concerns is the reluctance to accept that almost all the vapers on the planet use electronic cigarettes used to quit or ex-smokers begin to use them to avoid a return to smoking.

Two major pieces of research on the efficacy of e-cigs to help stop smoking attempts have been unveiled this month.

At the University of Massachusetts (UMass), Boston, researchers found that regular use of electronic cigarettes benefits smokers who want to quit smoking.