Forbes supports electronic cigarettes, California hates them

Steve Forbes is part of the Forbes publisher dynasty and a respected author in his own right. This week he took the anger in the pen and lashed out against those who try to ban or severely restrict the vaping in an absurd campaign

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This is not the first time Forbes has behaved like a gentleman on a white steed - Almost a year ago, he said that public health officials campaigning against vaping were "doing a bad favor to People who are trying to quit or want the pleasure of smoking without doing it. "

He pointed out that "this senseless attack on electronic cigarettes is reminiscent of aggressions against smokeless tobacco. Chewing Tobacco is repulsive and harmful, but, again, it is small beer compared to cigarettes."

In his latest article, Steve condemns those he calls "health fascists" as people who "should know better." With a sense of logic lacking vaping opponents, Forbes says, "Without a trace of credible evidence, these pesky kids also claim that e-cigs are a gateway to smoking. The real world shows the opposite: Since the invention of electronic cigarettes a few years ago, teenage smoking in the US has halved! The use of vaporizers has kept teens out of getting caught up in A truly lethal habit. "

His ideas hit hard on his partner on, contributor Tim Worstall and the "Nikoimbecil" Lloyd D. Johnson, Ph.D for focusing on potential pitfalls for children instead of celebrating that good ecigs May have played a role in the dramatic decline in adolescent smoking rates. He believes that using these vaporizers has kept teenagers away from the lethal habit of smoking.