Exploit an Ecig on the face of a Florida man (page 1)

An apparently modified ecig explodes in the face of a 21-year-old man in Florida, and is in a hospital in a coma (page 1)

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"I was lying in bed with my 2-year-old son, and I heard an explosion, so I started to smell the burning, smoke and fire," Sphalinger's sister Ema Richardson told the channel. news .

"I found my brother not breathing, with his whole face burned and his neck burned and trying to vomit a little, or maybe he was breathing hard, so I called 911."

Spahlinger was taken to the NCH Naples Center Hospital before being transferred to a Miami hospital where doctors put him into a coma to relieve the pain.

"It was said to have burns and damage to the lungs for the internal and external explosion itself," said Richardson. "And possibly the mouth piece was, when the cigarette exploded, went through his throat and exploded again."