Electronic cigars enter a new era

Electronic Cigarettes become more interesting for large manufacturers. Its attractive prices represent a good slice in the tobacco derivatives market.

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Tobacco companies are adopting electronic cigars to help offset the loss of traditional cigar smokers - even when the US Food and Drug Administration Is preparing to put forth regulations that could put skates on the nascent e-cigar industry.

The largest tobacco company in the country, maker of Marlboro, Altria Group Inc., announced plans to launch its e-cigar, the "Markten" at an investor meeting today. The Nu Mark branch of the company was first introduced in Indiana in August, consumers will have the choice of disposable or rechargeable models, and classic or menthol flavors, experience, according to The executives said: "It looks a lot like the slam of a real cigar." markten of the nu mark line Altria Group

Last week, the second largest US tobacco company, Reynolds American, announced it was to bring its "vUtilice" e-cigar to Colorado in July before a planned national launch. Reynolds American CEO Dan Delen, whose company sells Camel and Pall Mall cigars, says it is committed to "tobacco processing" as part of an effort to make the product less harmful.

And the third largest US tobacco company, Lorillard Inc., acquired last year's "Blu" e-cigars, which make up about a third of e-cigars that are sold at convenience stores. The United States, according to an estimate of Wells Fargo Securities cited by the Wall Street Journal.