E Cigar replaces cigars and tobaccos

Are The E Cigar's A New Trend? Maybe if for those who want to continue enjoying a good cigar with style without smoking or disturbing those around us

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It is no longer a rarity to see electronic cigarettes in Europe. They have become very popular, especially for smokers who try to quit smoking. However, the same is not true of e-cigar or "pure".

If someone wants to smoke a cigar in a crowded place is going to make enemies. Although the smell of a real Cohiba is much nicer than the smell of a menthol cigarette, it still counts as secondhand smoke, which has become the number one enemy of public space.

That means enjoying a victory cigar at the Auerbach Redstand or Babe Ruth is no longer possible unless you're willing to compromise and settle for an electronic version known as e-cigar Strong>.

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