CDC Lies About Using Electronic Cigarettes Part 2

CDC Lies About Electronic Cigar Usage in Elementary and High School Youth Part 2

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CDC Lies About Electronic Cigarettes - Part 1

Wait a minute. "The tobacco industry" is hooking children on electronic cigarettes? Although tobacco companies have started to enter the electronic cigar business in recent years, the two industries are hardly similar. Leaving aside the issue of property, electronic cigarettes do not burn and do not contain tobacco, so they are much safer than traditional cigarettes. It is more than a little cheating to classify them as tobacco products.

However, that is what the CDC does. When it states that "there was no overall decrease in tobacco use between the years 2011 and 2014," which is counting electronic cigarettes as tobacco products. That makes as much sense as counting nicotine gum or patches (anche that contain nicotine-derived tobacco) as tobacco products. This is not a mere play on words, because it is not true that "there was no general decrease in tobacco use between the years 2011 and 2014." The CDC is lying to us.

Similarly, the American Lung Association suggests that the decline in tobacco consumption is "offset by the dramatic increase in the use of electronic cigarettes," What is scientifically absurd given the clear health benefits of vaping . This is not simply a matter of opinion or emphasis. With regard to health effects, it can not be true that the increase in the use of electronic cigarettes compensates for the decrease in tobacco consumption.