Alaska to charge against Electronic Cigarettes and Vaping.

Alaska, the state that voted in favor of the intellectually gifted Sarah Palin, delivers a message about vaping. And it is not pretty, but a message full of half truths and shameless lies.

Fun fact: A group of researchers from the University of Virginia Commonwealth have found that Viagra may be useful in treating prostate cancer when used in combination with doxorubicin. The combination of drugs has also been found useful in the treatment of ovarian and stomach cancer.

The Alaska Tobacco Help Line has released a fact sheet and video advising smokers about the dangers of electronic cigarettes reminiscent of the style of the historic Reefer Madness. The irony is that buying and using cannabis is legal in Alaska.

The campaign has been greeted with praise from popular anti-vaping advocate Stanton Glantz, who said, "Congratulations to the entire Alaskan Health and Social Services Department for setting up the first media campaign (which I Know), designed to educate the public about the fact that electronic cigarettes are not just "harmless water vapor."

But then he would say that upon seeing that the video is hosted on the server and has his footprints everywhere. "What's in a cloud e-cig? Nicotine, Like other cigarettes Ultrafine particles that can lead to asthma Fluid embalming Uf Lead Do not cause brain damage Do not let the big tobacco companies cloud your judgment.

Michael Siegel believes the announcement: "It certainly promotes smoking to smokers by strongly discouraging the idea that they might stop working using electronic cigarettes."