A court decides that electronic cigars are not tobacco

North Dakota passes a bill classifying Electronic Cigarettes as Non-Tobacco Products

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In a supremely rational decision, North Dakota lawmakers have passed a bill that bans both the sale and use of electronic cigarettes by minors and classifies electronic cigarettes as a non-tobacco product >. The measure was criticized as a "stealth" method of preventing future inspections of electronic cigarettes, and others worried that it sends the wrong message to children (because there is always someone worried about that), but in the end the Common sense prevailed. Instead, they passed another bill to classify electronic cigarettes as "nicotine devices."

The bill: No Vaping of Minors, but e-cigarettes are not tobacco

There were actually three bills under discussion, all related to the use of e-cigarettes by minors. Two were in fairly direct competition, whether in the labeling of electronic cigarettes as tobacco products or as nicotine devices, but both had the effect of prohibiting sales to minors. Rep. Kim Koppelman was the main sponsor of the bill "nicotine device," and made the argument that no one would do for electronic cigarettes other than tobacco products: there is no tobacco in them. He also argued that attempts by those who defined them as such were "back door" ways to solidify taxes on electronic cigarettes, while opponents call the bill a "stealthy" method of avoiding Tax of their products.

Koppelman said, "This bill is not about oversight. It's not about regulation," and then called the vaping youth an "epidemic" that needed to be addressed. Apart from using the word "epidemic", more or less, Koppelman is just right. No one really is against the prohibition of selling electronic cigarettes to minors - even though it would obviously be better than smoking.